Tuesday, August 11, 2009

35Eleven's Weekly Blog's Schedule

Starting Aug. 16th... We will have Daily Blog Theme's!!!

Make me Laugh!!! "Monday" - As you start your week enjoy a "gut busting" clip from around the world! Monday's are "FUN" days again...


What to Do... "Tuesday" - We all can use a few helpful hints during the week on health, family, fashion, relationships, and planning... It takes a village!!!

What's Up..? Wednesday... - Get the most up to date "Media Coverage" from Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Government... Check Here 1st!!!

Think about it! "Thursday".... - We will have a thought provoking story, video, or direct link to today's issues and challenges across the globe...

Funny Ass!!! "Friday" - Before you leave work and start your weekend.. Enjoy a Funny Ass!!! *Video from "The Snack Pack"

*When breaking Media News happens we will keep you updated as an Alternative to the Mainstream*

(p.s.) Have a Story, Topic, or Video you want to let us know about email us: 3511media@gmail.com

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